Jono Armstrongs Ministry Of Freedom Course

- May 28, 2020



Jono Armstrongs Ministry Of Freedom Course:

In this video, the man himself Jono Armstrong talks you through his Ministry of Freedom Course and reveals how members are making consistent commissions using the training inside MOF.

Ministry Of Freedom gives you access to the mindset and daily buisiness routine that Jono Armstrong implements on a daily basis to make between $80k -$150k using a simple rinse and repeat system that anyone can replicate.

May people have tried to replicate the sucess of J Armstrong and failed..why? because they didn’t have the right apporach, the right mindset, the right training in place. MOF is the closest you can come to getting one of one training from todyas top affiliate marketer.

But that’s just the tip of the iceburg because when you get access to Ministry Of Freedon, you get close up and personal with Jono himself, this is something that many people have tried in the past without success because that kind of interaction doesn’t come cheap.

Introduction To Ministry Of Freedom

Week 1 – Mindset, Commitment & Success
Week 2 – Tools & Applications
Week 3 & 4 – An introduction to Organic Launch Jacking
Week 5 – Launch Jacking with Paid Ads
Week 6 – Creating your own affiliate product
Week 7 – Email marketing & Building Your List
Week 8 – Product Launching
Week 9 – Advanced Paid Ad strategies

The Ministry Of Freedom course covers a variety of topics including: Mindset, Commitment & Success; Tools & Applications; Organic Launch Jacking; Launch Jacking with Paid Ads; Creating your own affiliate product; Joint Venture launches; Email marketing; Email list building; Product Launching; Youtube SEO; Video Marketing; Advanced Paid Ad strategies as well as how to develop your personal branding to raise your profile. And much, much more!

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