Ministry of Freedom 2.0 Review ⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ – A Scam or Worth of $1497 (The Only Honest Review)

- February 1, 2022



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Is Ministry of Freedom 2.0 By Jono Armstrong a scam?

A lot of people called Ministry of Freedom 2.0 (MOF) a scam, but I think the training provided is ok and can teach people about Launch Jacking techniques, even though its price is OVER-PRICED. However You should expect to spend a lot more money on paid advertisements if you want to see results quickly, in addition to the hefty price tag of the Ministry Of Freedom Course itself.

Recommended: Not For Everyone!

Overall Score: 50/100

0:46 Why should you be listening to me
3:40 Is Ministry of Freedom a scam
5:34 Real feedback from a real MOF member
7:50 Things you should be aware of before joining
9:50 Ministry of Freedom Pros and Cons
12:36 What’s the best affiliate marketing course for beginners
15:59 My exclusive bonus page + 1on1 mentorship for free

If you’re ready to spend $1,497 for a launch jacking training and learn how to review inferior products that pays you merely $5 -$20 commissions per sale day in and day out (which doesn’t really build your brand authority in a long run), then you will most likely be left satisfied as a customer. The best way for you to make money as a Ministry of Freedom’s member is to sell this course to the guy next to you and make commissions from it.

However, if you’re a beginner who is just getting started with your affiliate marketing business, and you’re looking to build your 6 figure online business properly, then you might want to think twice before paying that much for a launch jacking training program. What you need to understand is that there are a lot of much better training programs out there, that can help you get started with your online affiliate marketing business

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